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Ducati and Bosch: safety and high performance above all

Braking hard while leaning into a bend on a slippery road? Or accelerating on wet surface? Riders can now manage these and other critical situations safely and reliably.
The new Monster 1200 S is equipped with all the Bosch technologies like ABS 9 Plus, wheel speed sensors and the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This technology allows the rider, when he's braking on a curve, to reduce the two-wheeler's tendency to return to an upright position, providing the safest deceleration possible. This reduces the risk of slipping or "lowsider", which occurs when the motorcyclist brakes too strongly during cornering. Therefore, the whole system can detect the risk of a lowsider and applies the braking pressure needed to ensure the best possible riding performance.
Bosch technology also equippes the new Multistrada 950 with the Engine Management System (EMS), providing continuous analysis of engine data. Information regarding injection, quantity and timing are electronically managed, with a significant reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising the riding experience. This advanced technology provides increased efficiency in compliance with EU4 regulations.

Ducati and Bosch strengthen their partnership by offering motorcyclists a wide range of functions ensuring safety and efficiency.

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