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Scrambler Desert Sled - Skinny and Argo

I (Skinny van Schalkwyk) have spent many broad-smiling miles on the Ducati Scramblers. They are pure-bred FUN! So, when I saw the Desert Sled – I wanted one!!!
It looked like something straight from the old Hollywood movies, something Evil Knievel would manhandle. So, I started dreaming…

I read up all the first-ride articles & nobody could find fault with these wheels. I needed to try them for myself & then – THEN – Ducati phoned to tell me I could borrow one for a few months. I am finally an adopted daughter of the Ducati family.

I have named this horse ARGO; Xena's Warrior Princess’ trusted steed. Just like Argo he is a beautiful, strong & sensible animal. He responds well to commands & has up to now, understood my every request.

I’ve had this bike for two weeks now & have spun a 1 000km on it already, riding round & about in Swaziland. It turns heads wherever it goes, & it turns my world. Upgrading from an underpowered 650 to a steroid pumped 800 has been a bit tricky. This horse does not want to trot at a leisurely slow pace. It needs a firm throttle and an alert handler. I cannot wait to see what adventures we will conquer over the next few months.

Follow the adventures of Skinny and Argo on www.tankgirls.co.za

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